Baptisms at First Presbyterian Church
Baptism is one of two sacraments within the Presbyterian Church, the other being Communion.

Baptism is the formal acceptance of a new member into the church, either personally (for an adult) or through parents (for a child or baby), and the formal acceptance of Christ and His church by the new member.

Unfortunately, baptism doesn’t guarantee one a place in heaven, nor even recognition by St. Peter at the Pearly Gates. Similarly, it is not about naming a person: that’s a civil process. Baptism is all about acceptance into, and of, Christ’s church on Earth.

A person only needs to be baptised once, but extra baptisms do no harm. Adults joining the church who have not previously been baptized (or who are unsure about it) are usually baptized as part of the ceremony of acceptance of new members, held during a regular service. Infants are also baptized during a regular service.

The Presbyterian Church does not do full-immersion baptisms. A small amount of water on the head is all that is required. The sacrament is primarily concerned with the individual’s acceptance of Christ and rejection of sin.

To receive baptism, the individual or the parents need to apply for baptism through the FPC Session. Session will vote on the baptism. The sacrament involves the parents or individual agreeing to be involved in the church and to grow in their Christian understanding. The congregation also agrees to support the individual and accept them as part of the congregation. They also agree to support the Christian education of children baptized into the church.

The Presbyterian Church has no formal arrangements for god-parents. This is because the entire congregation agrees to support the spiritual development of the new member. However, parents may have people they designate as god-parents present as part of the sacrament, particularly for an infant.

If baptism is something that you wish to discuss, please contact the church:    [email protected]
or at:  616 W 10th Ave., Anchorage, AK, 99501,
or at:   (907) 272-6411 .

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Note that while this example covers the general form of the baptism, each baptism can be individualized.